Case Building Assignment

Hello All:

I’m assigning cases for people to prep every week. This is essential for your own development and for sharing our team resources. I have assigned the following topics to the following people:

Bridgitt: THW not prosecute victims of domestic violence for the crimes they commit as a result of that abuse.

August: THW drop all charges against Edward Snowden

AJ: THB the government should not encourage/promote private home ownership.

Jacob: THW grant indigenous groups who live in geographically distinct areas their own autonomous government.

Rett: THB that governments should give unconditional cash transfers to the poor.

Braedon: THBT Pakistan should sincerely pursue peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban

Rachel: THW aggressively prioritize the posting of female diplomats to countries with poor women’s rights records

Evie: THW establish schools for students who identify as LGBTQ, are members of LGBTQ families, or are strong allies of the LGBTQ community.

Amanda:  THBT religions should adhere to public opinion polls.

Remember – you should be prepping a full opening prop case for this. We will review what you have prepped next week and suggest edits, then you will be responsible for prepping an opp case. Further discussion to follow at practice.


One thought on “Case Building Assignment

  1. Now that I have figured out how all this wordpress stuff works, I’m on it! I will have my topic prepped for next week, and another topic from an earlier post. I’ve been really sick and it has been hard trying to get caught back up, so trust me, I am already feeling the consequences!!
    Have fun tonight all, and see you next week!

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